Frequently Asked Questions


Who Are You?

My name is Victoria. I’m a 20-something geek who loves, well, a lot of stuff! Movies, cartoons, TV, books, comics, etc. I’ve been cosplaying and attending conventions since ’99. I mainly make my own costumes, I do it for fun, and I’m pretty sure I’m as normal/crazy as you!

Why Cosplay?

I love wearing costumes! Dressing up as a character has always been my natural way to express my love and appreciation for a character and/or show. I’ve always been the artsy/creative type, with an unfulfilled desire to be an actor/performer. Cosplaying is a wonderfully creative outlet!

Where Do You Get Your Costumes?

The majority of my costumes are made by my boyfriend and myself. I generally make a costume when I believe it has not been made well enough by others. If someone/a company has made what I think is the best version of a costume, I will most likely purchase it. I love making costumes, but overall my goal and interest is to re-create a character as accurately as possible, through whatever means necessary.

Do You Take Commissions?

NO. Neither my boyfriend or I make costumes for other people. The main reason for this is simply not having time. We barely/never finish our OWN costumes on time…

Are You Interested In/Would You Like To…?

Yes! I am always interested and would love to be a part of photoshoots, fan films, creative projects, etc.

Can I use your image(s) for my website, avatar, blog, etc.?

Certainly, but please ask me for permission before doing so. Sometimes permission is not entirely mine to give, and I need to notify the photographer. Credit would also be incredibly appreciated!

How Do I Contact You?

Feel free to contact me via Twitter, Facebook, or through the Contact page on this site. You can also reach me via email: